The Husband-Waiting-Device

“Oh, come on now,” I thought out loud as I went through the stack. “Just pick one.”  The cards stared up at me from the pile on my bed.  There really weren’t that many – maybe 8 – but the decision-making process was becoming almost comical.  Here I was, going through cards for my 52 Hearts Project, and I was stuck.  How hard can it be to pick out a card?  And does it really matter?

The answers to those is: difficult and yes.  Ha, okay let me explain.  Anyone who knows me realizes that my decision-making skills are still in process.  I can make decisions; it’s just that sometimes I feel, er, challenged.  I mean, doesn’t everyone at times?  When marched into an ice cream shop (shoppe?), where I am faced with a plethora of choices, TechDaddy knows he will probably have to wait for me.  Sometimes it’s almost an excessively loonng period of time, but he’s so great and doesn’t mind, partly because he has come equipped.
With the HWD — the Husband Waiting Device.

With the HWD, my husband has already planned out how and where he will wait for me.  I know this because of how quickly he whips out his iPhone {or iPad if this trip was thought out in advance} and finds a corner to self-medicate entertain himself as he waits.  Whether we’re out for ice cream, trying on clothes at the mall {which I abhor anyway}, or browsing the shelves of William-Sonoma {which I love}, he is perfectly content.  {{Thanks for being so patient, Handsome…I love you!}}

So back to ice cream. It takes TechDaddy two seconds flat to order.  That’s just wrong in my book!  How can someone truly weigh all of the ramifications of what is before them and choose so quickly?  I need time to mull over my choices.  Do I feel like cake batter or mocha ice cream?  Will I add brownie bits or take it plain?  Can I get a tub or do I have to stick with this teeny-tiny thimbleful of a cup?  There are just too many choices so I need time to weigh my possibilities.

I was going to say it’s the same for choosing a card to send, but actually it’s a little bit easier.  Ice cream is not nearly as key as connecting with someone {okay maybe it is to some of us}. But now I have criteria to follow in my card-searching.  What is the person for whom the card is intended going through?  Did he lose someone close?  Is she in need of encouragement as she adjusts to both a newborn and a toddler?  See, it’s important to take time in that respect.  I have this opportunity to give someone a boost and I want to do it right.

But the dilemma is when I have 4 cards of encouragement and I need to pick one.  Sigh.  I finally picked one that had a little dog on it that stated “Smile!”  That one was perfect for my mom!  It lifted her spirits and reminded her that she’s in my thoughts – even though I just spoke with her on the phone a few days prior.  That’s okay.  That’s one of the things cards are for.  A reminder that someone cares.

Do you know someone in need of a boost?

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  1. This post made me smile! I go back and forth between being VERY decisive and just not making decisions. My rule is that I don't make decisions after 5pm!

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