My Husband Rocks!

Does your husband rock? Mine does! And it’s my pleasure as a wife and woman of God to show just how much my husband means to me. I first saw these awesome t-shirts mentioned on Angela’s blog and checked out the company, From Me Tees. They have shirts for wives as well as husbands to proclaim just how awesome is their spouse, and they come in a variety of colors and styles. The company’s mission statement is

“to enhance marriage relationships, to communicate a positive image of marriage, and to encourage/support the sanctity of the marriage covenant between a man and a woman in a fun and stylish way.”

Isn’t that cool?! I’ve had my shirt for a few weeks now and love it! Spider X is thrilled everytime he sees me wearing it. It’s a joy to me to let the world know how wonderful I think my hubby truly is. In a world where some think marriage is temporary or treat it as farce, I’m thankful for From Me Tees and their desire to promote marriage the way God created it. Does your husband rock? Whether you wear a t-shirt or whisper it in his ear, be sure you let him know!


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  1. that is a cool shirt, I'm headed over there to check them out. Thanks for sharing & thanks for the sweet comments on my blog.

    tayl, kc @ lil momma's haven

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