31 Days to Make Your Marriage Thrive: Day 6 – Tell Yourself You’re Awesome!

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Day 6 – Tell Yourself You’re Awesome
Sometimes, in the course of a day, we might find ourselves speaking negatively about another person.  Not the best situation to find oneself in, however, it happens.  But ladies, do you ever find yourself saying those things about YOURSELF?  Yep, me too.
I used to be prone to finding myself in front of the mirror, lamenting in my head about the size of my backside, how flat my hair looks, or the fine lines around my eyes.  Away from the mirror was worse.  I’d drift off to sleep, pondering a discussion or article I read about the perfect wife or best mother, and I’d pick at myself mentally. Even worse, I would speak these thoughts out loud and TO MY HUSBAND!
Now, if you think that’s no big deal, consider this: what you say over and over again, silently or out loud, becomes cemented in your head and your heart…and potentially in anyone else who’s listening.
Just like when you’d study for a test in school, you would inevitably repeat the facts from your history class or chem lab over and over until you had them memorized.  Well, that’s exactly what you are doing every time you speak words about yourself, negative or positive.
And here’s the kicker: when we continually say cutting things about ourselves to our man, like “I’m getting so fat” or “I’m such a lousy cook,” that’s just like saying “I’m no good. No one should want to be with me.” That’s definitely NOT the message we want to send, right?
And please, oh please, when he does say something sweet about how you look, don’t give him a frown and say “No I don’t” or “I look good?! In this?! You need to get your eyes checked.”  That will just drive a wedge between you.
Instead of the junk, speak positive, uplifting words about yourself.  When you look in the mirror, smile and give thanks for the hair God blessed you with, the health of your body, and the opportunity to greet another day.  Say positive things about yourself to your man like “I think these jeans make my behind look cute, don’t you think so, Honey?” or “I love the way this soup/spaghetti/casserole came out. It tastes amazing!”
When you give yourself props {without being boastful} your husband will follow suit, if he isn’t already.  And when he compliments the way you’re styling your hair, how great the tuna tastes, or how hot you look, agree with him!
Let your positive self-esteem shine!  Saying words of life will help your marriage to thrive!
Do you speak positive words about yourself?
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