31 Days to Make Your Marriage Thrive: Day 5 – Let Him Chill

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Day 5 – Give him chill time after work.
Whether he’s just walked in the door from a one-hour commute or walked downstairs after a 2 hour conference call in his home office, your man needs some time to decompress. True, some guys walk in the door from work ready to roughhouse with the kids or whisk you out to dinner, but most need a little bit of a transition. Your husband has just spent most of his day in a completely different environment than what he finds at home. A decent night’s sleep is part of the transition he needs to adjust from home to work in the morning. But coming home from his job requires adjustment as well.
Arriving home only to be bombarded with a “honey-do” list of home maintenance, having the baby thrust in his arms, or hearing you launch into a tirade about a frustrating phone call will not relax your husband. And you do want him relaxed, right?
‘Cause when he’s been given chill time, your man will be in a better frame of mind to give you a hand with dinner, play with the kids, or just snuggle with you on the couch.  And, he’ll also be more willing to give you some much-needed chill time.
My man works from his office in our home but can end a busy day of calls and demos feeling exhausted. So when he comes downstairs at the end of the day, after planting some yummy kisses on me, he’ll stretch out in his recliner and read news and posts on his iPad for around 30 minutes.
The kids know to save their questions until we all sit down for dinner, and unless I have an emergency I can wait until my one-on-one time later. Now my hubby gets to chill, letting go of the day’s stresses before spending a fun evening with the rest of the family.  And when the stress is gone, that makes a marriage and a family thrive!
What tips do you have for providing chill time?
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  1. Becky Perry says:

    I admit I struggle with this – not with letting him have his chill time but the fact that he doesn't want to talk about serious things after work or at bedtime when he's tired or before he has had his coffee…

  2. LOVE your series!!! I honestly just have never thought about "chill time". Thank yoU!!! I look forward to the rest of your series! :)

    Have a great day!

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