31 Days to Make Your Marriage Thrive: Day 1 – Date Night

{Hey there! Today’s post is the first of my new series 31 Days to Make Your Marriage Thrive.  Every day in the month of October I’ll be giving you tips and tricks on how to make your marriage spectacular. If you want to follow me on Twitter @LilbearMe  feel free to use hashtag #31dmymt. For more 31 Days series’ visit The Nester.}Day 1 – Don’t forget date night.
Date Night.  To some of us that phrase conjures up memories of Friday nights out with our beau.  To others, we somehow have forgotten what it means and wonder how we can possibly attempt a date with our husbands.  Schedules, work, laundry, kids…the list goes on.
But keeping a regular date night is a must for any couple.  That time of connection between a husband and wife is a necessity.  With that time together, you and your husband will feel in-sync again.  Without it, you may find your relationship swirling down the toilet.
So, you think you can’t fit a date night into your lives?  Here are some tips that may help!
What about baby?
Even if you have a baby that you feel you cannot leave with a babysitter, you can still have date night. Before putting your sweet little one down to sleep (or nap as the case may be), make preparations. Have dinner all prepped, a movie in hand from Netflix (or cued up from live streaming), and have yourself showered and looking spectacular. [Remember, girls...when we smell fresh and sweet, our attitude is usually the same.]
Then, after your man gets home and the baby is put to bed, light some candles (or turn on the disco ball) and enjoy. If your wee one is a newborn you’ll hopefully have a couple of hours to reconnect with your man before she wakes up.
Older children
For you who have elementary children and a babysitter worth her weight in gold (relatives are wonderful here), you’re halfway there. Those of us with kids old enough and responsible enough to stay home without adults, be sure to lay the ground rules before you leave the house. No one wants to get a call from your teens asking who gets the last piece of pizza while you’re in the theater watching an exciting chase scene.
Plan Ahead
Whatever age children you have, be sure to make your plans in advance. Nothing ruins a night quicker than playing “I don’t know…what do you want to do?” If you’re staying in with a newborn, then get the DVD rented and the menu (or takeout) planned ahead of time. If you’re heading out for the night with hubby, make the reservations in advance and buy the movie tickets online.
Nothing to Wear?
And please pick out your outfit BEFORE the big date. So sorry I had to yell there, but let’s face it…clothes do matter to us girls, right?
Do any of you remember the Vidal Sasson commercials? This guy would say “If you don’t look good, we don’t look good.” Well, I have my own mantra that says “If I don’t think I look good, then I won’t be happy.” Pout here. So grab whatever you feel good in and that looks great on you, but do this in advance. No one wants to discover their favorite jeans (that look so cute with those strappy wedges) are at the bottom of the dirty laundry basket. Oy.
Set the Date Together
Oh, and most importantly…drumroll please…be sure to set the date and time for your big night with. your. man. That would totally stink if you think the date is this week and he thinks it’s next. Or, even worse, if he arrived home early with a stunning bouquet and a big grin thinking tonight’s the night, and you greet him with hair askew and sweaty from running the vacuum.
What’s your favorite way to spend date night with your hubby? Is it dinner and a movie?  A fun night of go-karting?  Sending the kids to grandma’s and watching the first season of 24 on dvd while eating pizza?  I’d love to know your fun {and PG rated} ideas!

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  1. Susan Hill says:

    Our favorite date night is dinner at a yummy place and a movie. (And a Starbucks or ice cream for the drive back home. ;) )

  2. Christine says:

    Awww, PG rated? LOL We used to only go out once a month due to crazy work schedules and babysitting costs. But we've begun a weekly date night IN and then go OUT once per week, so we get a weekly connection time even if we don't go anywhere. Our favorite date night in is to get take out, put the kids to bed early, sit on the floor in the living room in front of the fire with candles and wine and lots of deep conversation. My hubby is the GREATEST listener! Oh, and you mentioned a disco ball, I'd suggest a strobe light too. It makes things fun in the bedroom and you're not always worrying about how your body looks. ;)

  3. beth@redandhoney says:

    Thanks for the ideas… a good reminder to be intentional and put in a special effort to making things "nice" for a date.

    We have a 3 yr old and a 1 yr old (whom I'm still nursing), plus we live a four hour plane ride or more from every single one of our family members… so needless to say – getting "out" for date night is difficult. But, I like the idea of having a date at home… and making it special by dressing well, having fancier dinner perhaps, maybe some spritzer (we don't do alcohol). In fact, maybe we'll have a date-at-home tonight :)

    PS – I posted the first day of my series, and I'd love your thoughts on it – as a mom of older kids!

  4. Sarah @ Loved Like the Church says:

    We try having date nights at least every two weeks. We have two small kiddos {2 and 3} with one due in 5 weeks, so we've upped the dates to once a week. Our babysitter is a-maz-ing and puts our girls down for us, so we can usually be gone for 3-4 hours. Again, a-maz-ing.

    Last night, we had dinner at a health food grocery store and then went to a movie. It was nice having time to talk and time for entertainment.

  5. Thanks for reminding me about the importance of date night. It keeps slipping off my list. Mostly because we are both too tired. But when we do have a date we both enjoy it.

  6. Oh my word, now I want to go on a date with my guy! Love this fun idea Susan.

    We are super easy. Dinner (chinese or 4 Rivers :) and movie or a coffee shop like Barnes and Nobel. Sometimes, we eat out and bring a movie home to watch in our own house.

    Can't wait to keep reading girl!

  7. I have a date night every night with my husband :) He works at the farm until late and the kids are usually both in bed asleep before he walks in the door. We eat supper together on the couch, talk about our days, and watch tv. It's very relaxing and no matter how busy I am, I make time to sit down with Hubby at the end of the day. Of course, having actual, going-out dates are fun too, but pretty rare with Hubby's schedule (our last one was over a year ago for our 4th anniversary and only because I demanded it after a VERY rough 5 months with our Little Man)

  8. Thank you for the reminder. It's so easy to let quality time with the hubby fall by the wayside. Currently, both our kids are in school all day. Since I stay at home and my man works weekends, we are able to have lunch or coffee dates during the week.

  9. Susan {LilbearMe} says:

    Susan, I love your date night, especially the Starbucks! Yummo!

    Christine, you crack me up! Hmm, now where can I find a strobe light? ;)

    Beth, date nights at home are some of the best. Hope yours rocked! {And I love your series!}

    Sarah, i know what you mean about an amazing babysitter. My mom was ours everytime she was in town! And congrats on your soon-to-arrive little one!!

    Mimi, I hope you get that date night soon!

    Stacey, we are spoiled now on 4Rivers! Hubby loved the take-home. :) We used to love bookstore/coffeeshops, too. Then the iPad arrived. Watch out paperbacks!

    Hannah, you are so blessed! How awesome to get that time with your man every night. Enjoy!

    Jaymi, I love that your date is during the day! What a fun time to spend with your hubby!

  10. Mary Jo Vick says:

    My husband and I left the baby with Granny… went to the ranch, hopped in the jeep and drove to the top of a mountain and just… chilled. It was amazing. And so regenerating for both of us. so. Amen!

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